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Can we meet you?
My name is John Oguntuase. I hail from Ondo State. I am the fourth of my father’s seven children, am married to Anuoluwapo and we are blessed with two children.

Can we know your educational background and ministerial studies?
Educational Background
I finished my primary school at Star Gate Nursery and Primary School while my secondary school Oriwu Model College Ikorodu and graduated from Lagos State University {LASU} where I studied English and literature, majored in literature which informed my writings and theatre background as it was our compulsory course then.

Ministerial Studies
Hmmmmmm. That is a long story because I have almost attended all the Christian’s film schools in Nigeria like Mount Zion Institute, Christoline Film Academy and so on, and I have also taken a number of crash courses from renowned film schools, both online and offline film schools, truth is I love to study a lot and reads books too.

Name of ministry and position held?
I am a president of 2nd Touch Production. I am also the president of my Church National Drama unit COGADRAM .

When did you join/begin drama ministry?
Well, I joined my church drama group in 1998/1999 when we made our first movies: NO REPENTANCE. I was so small then that people said this guy is too young but they loved to have me around. That was when I began acting in my church.

What do you think it takes to be a drama minister?
Firstly you need to have the call or the burden, either of the two, the call is when God says go and do this while the burden is when it keeps pressing in your heart serve through drama, the stage, and media. Like the bible says, go to the world and preach the gospel ,which every Christian is called to do by any means you can. Primarily before then, you must be born again and prayerful. Lastly, talent will be a great advantage and if you are not God will look for a way to settle that for you, and for God’s sake, you don’t have to be on the stage, you can be behind, like cameraman, set designer, props manager and so on.
You are also a minister through all those things too even if you are a marketer, you are still a minister.

How did you get into gospel filmmaking – the journey?
Getting into gospel film making is getting to the ministry proper for me. It has always been in view because as we do stage drama, we knew we had to take further so as to reach more souls. So as I grow in the Lord, my passion for drama grows. Everybody around me knows God has helped us to stage so many inspiring ministrations plus My dad is a great fan of Mount Zion Films, in fact, we had a whole wardrobe filled with their VHS(Video Home System) then, as they came out, he had them full of it. We watched them frequently in our family which really helped me to see the call of God on my life and it pushed to meet KSO and then further attend Mount Zion where the whole thing got polished after then featured my first movie BY HIS MERCY from Mount Zion. God lead me into film making in short films and full length.

Can you tell us about your experience so far?
Well, I am still a small boy. How many experiences do I have, it has been awesome, it has been great. Well, it’s a gradual process that you should not miss any because if you miss the process you miss the success. You must have the experience, good ones to appreciate God, and bad ones to learn. I have met so many people in so many places in and out of Nigeria. To lecture, to act, to direct. The funny thing is there was a time I traveled out of the country that I didn’t have the money to come back home. People were celebrating the open door. Though I am a very passionate person, nothing can stop me if I have made up my mind.

Which mistake will you like to correct if given the second chance?
Hmmmmmm. I believe in mistake because it makes me better. A mistake is a vital thing so I don’t want to correct mistakes because it is good when you make them, you learn. Just know that when you make a mistake don’t miss the lesson. In fact, I wish to tell you to start making mistake, every mistake I have made was what molded me till date though have not gotten to where I want. So I still want to make more mistakes so I can grow more. Making mistakes and learning from it is good but staying in the mistake is a great error. Someone said if you are afraid of making mistakes, what then can you make? Another said if you can’t make a mistake, you can’t make anything.

How is their location (base) affecting their assignment as a gospel filmmaker?
First and foremost you have to see the peculiarity, style, and ways of life of where you are and how to navigate around it. Knowing that your assignments are for the whole world and not meant for where you stay alone. You must be ‘Local in the creation and universal in thought’. That is, make something in that your location that will be for the whole world. Basically understand and dominate your environment first before launching out to the world.

Can you recall the numbers of work you have done so far (acting, producing, directing, shooting, and other applicable ones )?
I can’t really be specific because I have been involved in so many directing, producing, acting. Let’s just say above one hundred(100)

Your most challenging production and why?
I would say THE LATHER because the movie is like ultimate search and 99% of it was done in the bush, I mean a thick bush where serpent, crocodile stay. We came across a shrine where we saw a woman cautioning us where to step and not to move close to. We begged her to give us the chance to access some areas but of a truth it was stressful. In fact, because my people were afraid, I did things for them to see, like climbing the trees, entering the water, and so on. Another movie that was also challenging was the movie I directed along Ago Garuba recently with Covenant University. The movie was so challenging because of logistics. We were given time to gain access to the students and the majority of the students were first-time actors, though they were good talents, I was involved in almost everything while I was going through some medical challenges with a lot of pains. I was having about five boils on my body, though people didn’t know because of the passion in me, I scaled through directing the production. In all, it ended well

How do you balance the ministry and family, ministry and career, ministry, and your walk with God?
Well, everything is together. In fact, everything is ministry. My family is a ministry and my career is a ministry, and my career is also a ministry. They all go together in accordance with God’s plan. Though the family is the most important because if the family stands, the ministry stands. When you go out definitely you are coming back home, that’s why a man that wants to go into ministry must seek God and marry right because if you marry wrong, you are doomed. There was a day that Daddy Mike called me to his house and said to me that ‘John of a truth you are doing great work, but not until you are married you are just doing preamble’. I realized it is true, the family is very important. Well, when you are out for days, for weeks, they will miss you but when you are around, let them feel your presence, play and pray with them. My wife is a prayer machine. And also my career is a ministry too, I am a digital marketer and I make T-shirt called inspire wear clothes that preach. I lecture and everything I do is for God.

Knowing that your assignments are for the whole world and not meant for where you stay alone is key.

Evangelist John Oguntuase

What should be expected from you soon?
Ha….. Well don’t expect anything from me but be expecting it from God in my life. Whatever God leads us to do, we do. Definitely we have so many short films and for full length be expecting something different, a bit standard and better than what we have done before because we have learnt from our mistakes we want to move higher. Also, God is laying in our heart a mentorship conference for young people like me, though he is still putting us into the perspectives so we are working on it.

How do you see to the commitment, contributions of the members to the ministry?
Members of the ministry should know that they are a team and be committed to the ministry. The president is just by the way, though some consider their personal needs first, they should know that is God first because after everything, God will ask each person what we have done with what he as committed in our hands.

Is there anything you wish to correct about drama ministry as a whole?
It’s the marketing. The marketing structure is so bad, we have not had a good structure. There was a time when Dove Media had the structure for the drama ministry film marketing, those who benefited from it then gave the testimony. We don’t have any structure. We need a structure, either digital solutions or analog solutions or even distributing to cinemas, satellites, churches, different places. Our leaders need to come together and let us do this. In my own little way, I am doing something but I wish we change our ways of distributing so our contents can get to the souls they were made for.

How have you been catering to the financial needs of the ministry?
On the financial source, it has been God who has been supplying, though I do some other things that help, I still don’t really have time for it like that, and like KSO(Kolade Segun Okeowo) do say ‘it is not what we sell we eat’ so it has been God always.

Can you work in secular film production and why?
No, our purposes are different. They are doing their things, there are great people of God there, but at least, this is where we are, unless God instructs me strictly to do that and it is confirmed and double confirmed. If God told me to do something who am I to say no. Whatever God wants me to do, I will do, other than that, NO I won’t act in secular movies, NEVER.

What should upcoming drama ministers expect from drama ministry?
They should know that God is in need of them and they should not put money first. Though money is needed if you work diligently, the money will come. Money should not be your first thing but firstly prove your calling and be passionate about it to deliver to the world what God has committed into your hands. God really needs youth to bring people back to Him through music, drama, media, so don’t give up. It might look as if there is no way, sometimes you might be very tired but I am telling you God is aware, just keep the faith you sure will see God. If it God’s will, he will pay the bills.

Still in the mood of celebrating 35 years of God’s faithfulness, can you tell us what gives you joy?
What gives me joy is impacting lives, it has been my goal and my motto is impacting, implanting and imparting, so what gives me joy is I was able to do so many great things, I did lectures, online lectures, I gave e-book, I released a short film on my birthday. My uttermost joy is me blessing lives, increasing the kingdom, increasing soldiers for God, bringing more souls to Christ. It gives me immeasurable joy.