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Can we meet you?
I am Victor Olukoju PVO. I live, preach and act the Gospel.  A Sexual Purity Advocate. I am the current National President of Mount Zion Institute Alumni Association.

Can we know your educational background and ministerial studies?
I studied Graphic Design in Auchi Polytechnic. Trained as a carrier missionary by CAPRO, Jos and served in Ghana mission field for 10 years. Ordained as a pastor by Charismatic Renewal Ministries

Name of ministry and position held?
President of Parables Film Productions. President of Sexual Purity Association SPA.

When did you join/begin drama ministry?
I started with stage about 25 years ago. But went to Mount Zion Institute when I arrived from Ghana in 2009 for Ordinary, Advanced and Diploma Certificates.

What do you think it takes to be a drama minister?
It takes calling. You may not survive if you are not called.

Can you tell us your experience so far?
Long story but it has been graceful

Which mistake will you like to correct if given the second chance?
I gave my life to Christ when I was 19. I wish I met Him (Christ) earlier!

Can you recall the numbers of work you have done so far (acting, producing, directing, shooting and other applicable ones )?
There was a time I was documenting but I lost that book years ago and I stopped writing down. So, at the moment, I don’t know.

Your most challenging production and why?
Maybe Akobi Laaroye for now. The director insisted I must shave my hair. That happened twice in Season 1 and 2. A character that was completely opposite to who I am… I was so stretched. I was the producer and taking the lead role.

How do you balance the ministry and family, ministry and career, ministry and your walk with God?
Walk with God is more important than ministry. Ministry is useless if there is no walk with God. My wife and I are involved in ministry so no issue about balance. Though my wife sometimes complains that I don’t rest.

Walk with God is more important than ministry. Ministry is useless if there is no walk with God.

Pastor Victor Olukoju

What should be expected from you soon?
Honestly, I don’t know. Whatever He leads me to do is what you should expect.

What should upcoming drama ministers expect from drama ministry?
Upcoming drama ministers should serve and serve. God will definitely reward you.

Who is your role model/mentor in the ministry? 
Evangelist Mike-Bamiloye

Is there anything you wish to correct about drama ministry as a whole?
We are evolving. We are learning and getting better. We are better than yesterday and our tomorrow will be better than today. Let’s not despise the days of our little beginning.