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Can we meet you?
My Name is Adejumobi Oluwaseun, a Drama Minister and God’s favourite son.

Can we know your educational background and ministerial studies?
Well, I studied Marine Engineering in School of Oceanography, it’s a Maritime Academy, on my way to becoming a Naval officer until the Lord opened my eyes to see Drama as My Calling and Ministry. So knowing this, I enrolled myself in TRECOM Film School, where I first learnt Film Directing and then later Proceeded to Mount Zion Christian Drama Institute where I obtained Ordinary Certificate and Advanced Certificate in Christian Drama. I’ve been to several other drama Schools and Training thereafter. I have also been to PEFTI, Pencil Film and Television Institute, Wale Adenuga school, where I studied Screen Acting as a course.

Name of ministry and position held?
The name of my drama ministry is Fruit Bearers Films and by God’s grace I am the President of the Ministry.

When did you join/begin drama ministry?
I started acting in Church since I was 9 year old, Ever since drama became a part of me, I remember going from Churches to Churches those years but I never see it as a Ministry, it was just a talent that we enjoy ourselves making use of until the Lord opened my eyes in 2009 while I was in School and told me expressly that My purpose is in Drama Ministry, and not to becoming a NAVY. I started seeking for knowledge, on what the Ministry of Drama is all about ever since.

What do you think it takes to be a drama minister?
My Opinion, you’re a child of God. You have the gift of acting or other gift relating to acting. Then it is a ministry for you, it is a tool given to you to be a soul winner.

Can you tell us your experience so far?
Like I said I’ve been doing drama just for the fun of it for years, until later in 2007-2010 that the Lord began to give me understanding of the ministry. I remember when I finished from school, I started working in Lekki in a Property Development Firm, that even came with official accomodation. I was restless, all through, I knew God has been telling me to focus on the Ministry, so in 2014, I resigned, I told my boss my intention, My boss is like a Friend and Mentor to me even up till now, so he told me to count my cost, that it’s not going to be an easy journey, but I was determined to leave and start the ministerial journey, so he gave me his blessing and supported me with some funds. Of course leaving the work, means I have to leave my official apartment too. The money I gathered during the period, was what I used to produce my first movie in 2015, A movie titled Misplaced Directed by Evangelist Kola David Okeowo. So I can say professionally my journey into gospel film making started in 2015.

Have you had unforgettable moments in drama ministry?
It’s been a Fulfilling Journey so far, the Lord has proved to me in Several ways that He’s the one that called me into the ministry. There has been several moments of fear, doubts, several period of wilderness experience when the journey became rough and tough, but in it all, I’ve been coming out stronger and better, pressing forward, staying put at my duty post.

Can you recall the numbers of work you have done so far (acting, producing, directing, shooting and other applicable ones )?
For us in Fruit Bearers Films, we’ve Produced three full length movie so far. Misplaced, The Boomerang, Mary’s Option.And we’ve also released several other short films on YouTube e.g Slap the devil, What would Jesus Do? And many more. I’ve also acted and worked as a crew in numerous project of other Ministry.

Having the understanding and the mandate that is upon me now, whatever I do that will not promote the Kingdom of my Father, that will not draw the heart of men to God, then it is not worth doing.

Evangelist Seun Adejumobi

Your most challenging production and why?
I will say my most challenging production from our Ministry would be Misplaced Movie, it was my first time in producing and I lack knowledge of some many things then. We even had to call off the production and resume again after two months. And then outside Fruit Bearers, another production that was very very challenging for me is The Train Movie, a Mount Zion Film Production coming soon. It’s a movie about the Biography of Our Father, Daddy Mike Bamiloye. The first time I will have to play the lead role in movie, and not just any lead role, but acting as Bro Mike Abayomi Bamiloye, that itself is like trying to enter into a character bigger than me, getting the mannerism right, depending on the Holy Spirit for strength and Creative abilities and many more

Can you work in a secular film production and why?
Before my understanding of gospel film making, I’ve featured in like two secular Film Production before, I featured in Super Story TV series before. But now with the understanding and the mandate that is upon me now, whatever I do that will not promote the Kingdom of my Father, that will not draw the heart of men to God, then it is not worth doing. So, I won’t be a part of secular production.

How have you been catering for the financial needs of the ministry?
Total Dependence on God. God has been raising pillars of support for us in ministry, often times we’ve got people sponsoring the vision, but you know that doesn’t come always, so most of the times, we give our all, we spend our money, our time, our energy. God is always faithful helping us

How do you see to the commitment, contributions of the members to the ministry?
Basically you will get to a point where you realize that the best way to grow your ministry is to grow the people, look into the development of members. So recently have started pushing some of our members to attend some of the schools I’ve attended. The last stage Ministration we had, I sat back and allowed one of the members to coordinate the rehearsals from beginning till the end. Everyone wish to have a sense of responsibility

How is your location (base) affecting your assignment as a gospel filmmaker?
I’m based in Lagos, and Lagos is full of many activities, so there are enough distractions, sometimes it’s difficult to gather passionate and zealous members, in many cases they come in and go out, especially for those that failed to really have an in-depth understanding of the Ministry, but in all God is still helping us, every location base is a territory that must conquered for the Lord.

How do you balance the ministry and family, ministry and career, ministry and your walk with God?
There’s no Man of God, without a God of Man watching over His Life. So as I work for God, I am careful always to also pay attention to my walk with Him. Constantly checking my life if it is still secured in Him. Sincerely there are times that I observed have gone far running alone and I quickly retreat for a refuelling. And of course Family is my first Ministry although I’m still single but I am the first born in my family and that comes with lots of responsibilities as well, so I do my best to keep up with everyone, sometimes my family even get involved in my projects

What should be expected from you soon?
By God’s grace, More of great messages fresh from the Kingdom that will bring about massive revival. There’s a wave of revival going on presently in the Kingdom, there’s a need to key into this move of God.

What should upcoming drama ministers expect from drama ministry?
For upcoming drama ministers coming into the ministry. I’ll like to say that first of all don’t see the ministry as a money making industry, you don’t join the train if your burden is not about soul winning. Some of us has gotten to the point of if I die I die, there’s no going back, we are sold out. Guess what, God has been faithful feeding our vision and pushing us further

What are the mistakes you have made in the past you would have loved to correct?
There’s always a better way of getting things done, I’m a student of Excellence in Film Making, so I believe that even with the little you have, you can excellently come up with something beautiful and glorifying.
And then total reliance on the Holy Spirit for every bits of decision one makes, because the work is of Him and The Manual is in His hands. Never run ahead of His timing, wait on Him for revelation instead of copying other people’s template. So trust God absolutely, He will direct your path.

Who is your role model/mentor in the ministry?
I have Grand Father and I have Fathers that we study their lives as we follow. Daddy Mike Bamiloye is a father I must mention, infact it was Him and his wife that the Lord showed me in a revelation releasing unction upon me and my wife, even though I’m not married yet, but that was the revelation, and that was one of my conviction for coming into the Ministry and studying his life I discovered that a lot has happened in His past that I can also relate with in my personal experiences. Also another Mentor that I must Mention is Daddy Kola David Okeowo, as a matter of fact, God connected me to Him when I was just starting and he has been a constant encourager since then. Other names are Daddy Kolade Segun Okeowo, Daddy Segun Badejo, Pastor Victor Olukoju and a lot others. Can’t mention all.

Is there anything you wish to correct about drama ministry as a whole?
My desire is that Drama Ministry begin to break every limits, boundaries and become acceptable to all, that it becomes a food to both the Church and the society, that the revival fire will spread across borders and it’s beginning to happen. Let’s just watch, the movement has started.