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Can we meet you?
I am Opeyemi Akintunde, a child of God, a wife, a mother and a privileged messenger of God.

Can we know your educational background and ministerial studies?
I attended Covenant University Otta, Ogun State. I studied Mass Communication. I have gone for short films making trainings at different film training institute like PEFTI, A.I Media, TRECOM Film Istitute, Mount Zion Institute of Christian Drama.

Why did you choose drama and not any other means of reaching out?
I chose drama because we are in a generation that loves to watch than listen. And even Jesus preached through parables.

Name of ministry and position held?
The conventional way is to call me the Chief Executive Officer, President but God is the true Chief Executive Officer. So I like to call myself the chief servant of DEEP THOTS MEDIA.

When did you join/begin drama ministry?
Since I was a little child. In fact my mother joined the church under one of my drama ministration as a child in the children drama group.

What do you think it takes to be a drama minister?
Being a drama minister is to be a child of God who is ready to serve the Lord with his/her talent.

Can you tell us your experience so far?
Great experiences but trying. One have to persevere and stand even when things are not working. Officially, I started drama productions 2006 but I met different frustrations but thanks to God I stood amidst all.

One have to persevere and stand even when things are not working. Officially, I started drama productions 2006 but I met different frustrations but thanks to God I stood amidst all.

Evangelist Opeyemi Akintunde.

Have you had unforgettable moments in drama ministry?
Well a lot, I am in one of those unforgettable moments.
Our latest DEEP THOTS VIDEO “MY WEEKNESS” has gone viral reaching out to a lot of people. My joy is to always see people watching good movies that will cause a change in their lives.

Can you recall the numbers of work you have done so far (acting, producing, directing, shooting and other applicable ones)?
Acting, I can’t count right now. we have produced fourteen (14) short films, three (3) full length movies and directed over fourteen (14) movies.

Your most challenging production and why?
All my productions have their challenges, especially in the areas of finance but we are overcomers through Christ. God always make a way.

Can you work in a secular film production and why?
I never say never. I follow the leading of God per time. I am satisfied and fulfilled as a Christian film producer but the ways of God can’t be explained. Only God knows tomorrow. I have learnt in my work with God never to say never. I love my faith, my God and I want to tell everyone about Him.

How have you been catering for the financial needs of the ministry?
I use my personal money, savings. I would rather shoot a film than to change my wardrobe.

How do you see to the commitment, contributions of the members to the ministry?
I have like-minded and passionate people working with me.

How do you balance the ministry and family, ministry and career, ministry and your walk with God?
Grace and constantly reminding myself that no aspect must suffer for the other. I am hundred percent committed to the work of God but when an opportunity to make money in a trade that is clean comes my way, I will do it.

What should be expected from you soon?
More films by the grace of God.

What should upcoming drama ministers expect from drama ministry?
Drama ministers should be prepared to persevere till the day of your showing to the Lord.

What are the mistakes you have made in the past you would have loved to correct?
Sentiment, I did a lot of things based on. “If I do this, what will people say”. I was honouring man than God.

Who is your role model/mentor in the ministry?
I have a lot of people I look up to. But I will mention two families: Evangelist Mike and Gloria Bamiloye, Evangelist Kolawole David and Funmi Okeowo.

Is there anything you wish to correct about drama ministry as a whole? 
I am not God, I can’t correct the drama ministry. All I desire is to see good Christian movies that will change lives.
God will keep us and give us grace to do great works for Him. Amen.