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Can we meet you?
My name is Paul Esupofo Adekunle Oriade.

Can you share with us your salvation experience?
Everything starts from salvation, there is no me without salvation. 30th March, 1992 precisely, I prayed to receive Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. I was not into smoking, humanizing, an outside wayward someone. I was just someone who was stubborn inside the house, steals little things. But the fact is everyone has a past but sometimes people run away from telling people their past which I cannot do. The highest I did was stealing from our neighbor’s because I spoilt someone’s wrist watch. At the point of restitution, they could not believe I did such thing. Lies touches my heart then but was not so paramount because I happened to have a disciplinarian as a father. In 1992, there was a turning point. A crusade was held in a church, an altar call was made by Reverend Joshua Balogun since then God had been helping me.

Can you tell us about your call into drama ministry?
Many people were called into ministry, many were influenced into ministry. Calling to the ministry does not come like that. After salvation, I joined the choir of the church, did little singing, drumming and my passion then was mostly on guitar but unfortunately none is left available to play then. I also joined the church drama group called “Restoration Drama Group” 1992/1993 where I was functioning. I was so young and scared. I was usually the lead role or the supportive role. We had an assistant drama coordinator then in which anytime he writes script, the script will always shake the church. In 1992, I knew god wanted to use me in the area of DRAMA EVANGELISM. I was not sure of the calling because I was also good at evangelism. But in 1995, it became clearer, easier and better. I wrote Mount Zion Film Ministry at that time and I prayed. I went to Mount Zion Film Institute 1997 and the assignment was commissioned 1997/1998. I was so scared of the task embedded in the assignment but because God said I have given you the mandate, I got relaxed. In 1998 I launched fully into the ministry.

What are the things that brings you joy in the ministry?
The things that brings me joy in the ministry are these to mention a few:
i. Salvation (not a candidate of hell again).
ii. That the Lord can use a non-entity like me for His work.
iii. Others giving their lives to Jesus through drama ministrations.
iv. Fulfilment (films and project of the ministry are blessing lives).
v. My home is still standing for God.

What are the challenges you have been experiencing in the ministry?
The main challenge is working with untruthful people. It is always frustrating when you see people around been untruthful with the work.

How have you been balancing home with your ministry?
I started the ministry all alone before I got married. When I got married, I slowed down a bit for my wife to understand better what I was doing. We travelled all together almost everywhere but we slowed down when our child started schooling. My ministry is home first. Any ministration coming, the first thing is to consider my family first no matter how the importance of the ministry. My wife and I decides apart from the Holy Spirit leadings which ministration we should go for. Everything is been balanced with my wife to see what can affect the family but wisdom is been applied.

I started the ministry all alone before I got married. When I got married, I slowed down a bit for my wife to understand better what I was doing.

Evangelist Paul Esupofo Adekunle Oriade.

Can you tell us your practice of prayer and devotional time with God?
One thing I discovered from the beginning in drama ministry is when the ministration is becoming too much, if care is not taken, the prayer life is becoming paralyzed. Whether drama ministry or any ministry, the height the ministry will go is determined by your relationship with God. No relationship with God, no ministry. I do not joke with my communion with God and that is just the strength. Every first thing in the morning is to commune with God. I avoid too cumbersome assignment. Not having a good relationship with God limits my impacts and influence in my world. Three things that kept me going are how much of the word of God I know, how prayerful I am and holy living. Excellent films, good movies, good scripts, the rudiment is Matthew 6: 33-34.

Could you do some work in the secular field and still be fulfilled?
The point is it depends. Even while I was working, I write scripts and I was fulfilled. But in my own opinion for more fulfilment I cannot. I was working before in a nursery and primary school before God called me into full time. The dispensation God called me to full time was a strange move. I do not think I can do anything that can give me more fulfilment than drama. But some brethren gets fulfilment at the same time working which all depends on time management and life management.

What is made up of a drama minister?
The first thing is that a drama minister should not get it wrong. A drama minister is first a child of God before becoming a drama minster, portray holiness, must have a divine communion with God (intercession, prayer),must be researcher (knowing the rudiments and updates of what drama ministry entails), must embrace every spiritual exercise(Christ life, discipleship life must be part of a drama minister), must do everything with moderacy (must not dress anyhow, must not talk anyhow, must not eat anyhow), must be humble, truthful and live what he preaches.

Can you name one or two person that had been a model to you?
I will say my spiritual father in the Lord is Evangelist Mike Bamiloye.
I have so many role models Sola Mike Agboola, Evangelist Mike Oye and other faith minister abroad.
I have so many encouragers but few role models. Evangelist Mike Bamiloye had been great encourager to me. I remembered him telling me Paul there are people that they may not be known, popular but they are doing the will of the Lord, obedient to Him, he said those are people you should move with. The word have been propelling me all day long.