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Can we meet you?
I am Moses Korede Are.

Can we know your educational background and ministerial studies?
I am a veterinary doctor by profession. I studied veterinary medicine for my first degree and veterinary pharmacology for my master’s degree. A full time drama minister with all my attention geared towardsproductive drama ministration (stage and film ministrations). We organize drama seminars for people both within and without the state. We used to have drama ministers trainings those days but we rested it while we felt it should become a school where people will be trained and certified.

Why did you choose drama and not any other means of reaching out?
Drama is unique, outstanding, touching, overwhelming and powerfully exhilarating. It transcends beyond the ordinary. A weapon used to touch the senses of wider audience. People are bored with conventional ways of preaching but in drama everything is practical so far it is done well. In short, drama is everything.

Name of ministry and position held?
I am the president of Calvary Drama Ministries International.

When did you join/begin drama ministry?
It began in 1994 while I was serving in Jigawa state but the official inception of the ministry took place September 2, 1995. The vision started with my fellow corps members

What do you think it takes to be a drama minister?
It takes a lot of things to be a drama minister.

  • The basis is salvation (born-again) accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and savior, sanctified and filled with the power of the Holy Ghost.
  • Commitment, tolerance, hard work, holiness, sacrifice follows.

Drama ministry is a highly spiritual thing and not physical (gymnastics). Studying the Word of God to the point of saturation (quiet time alone is not enough for the drama minister) because messages comes from divine revelation (Bible). It is not a place where you find it difficult to pray for hours and fast for days. A lot thinks drama ministry is a place to come and get money but coming into the ministry with that is a loss of focus. Drama ministry is not a funfair but a warfare. Drama ministers are not victims of circumstances but victors. We are not comedians but Jesus stars. Ordinary people with extraordinary amount of grace to function in the Kingdom.

Can you tell us your experience so far?
There are lots of interesting experiences so far. Some palatable and some not palatable. Different challenges arose, oppositions here and there when we started. Today the glory of God is reflecting in our lives. Production of films sometimes is a challenge.
Our first film titled “Etan”, we sold four hundred (400) copies. It was so traumatic but we kept on pushing. The Lord is telling us there are greater grounds to cover. Initially it may be difficult, pursue that dream and God will take you higher and higher.
One cannot quantify the soul of people with anything in this world. The salvation of the soul is the most paramount to us. If God wants me to be a billionaire, let Him make me one in what I am doing now (drama ministry).

A lot thinks drama ministry is a place to come and get money but coming into the ministry with that is a loss of focus. Drama ministry is not a funfair but a warfare.

Evangelist Korede Are.

Have you had unforgettable moments in drama ministry?
I have had a lot of unforgettable moments. Some sad, some joyful. God’s faithfulness has been our unforgettable moments.

Can you recall the numbers of work you have done so far (acting, producing, directing, shooting and other applicable ones)?
We have lost count but we have produced at least twenty (20) films, by the grace of God, I have helped at least thirty (30) ministries within and outside Ogbomoso to direct films and at least ten (10) musicals for churches and independent groups.

Your most challenging production and why?
Our most challenging production so far is “HOTTER THAN FIRE”. The location was horrible. We did the needful spiritually, financially, materially and lots more but at the editing stage, everything began to skip. We went the second time for the location of the same film but thanks to God, the film is still in demand till today. The devil did not get the result but God got the result and He is still getting it.

Can you work in a secular film production and why?
Emphatically no. it is like telling Odunlade Odekola to come and you give him the microphone to pastor a church, there is no difference. Our calling is different.
The bible says “Who shall ascend into the hills of the Lord, he that has clean hands and pure heart”. Secular people are secular while christians are christians. There should be no union between the two. You cannot marry evil and God together, the result would be disastrous.

How have you been catering for the financial needs of the ministry?
Everything about the ministry is faith. All we need, God provides either for our films and upkeep. Everybody in ministry should look unto Him because our help comes from above not from abroad. As an individual, I put my resources into something. I have a poultry farm, I employed people. All I do is to go there and supervise them. That would not disturb my drama ministry. I have turned down and resigned from many employments to face what we have been called into. God is only looking for your commitment, faithfulness, hard labour and He rewards it.

How do you see to the commitment, contributions of the members to the ministry?
We have rules and regulations in the ministry. Our rule is that the interest of the ministry supersedes any other interest even the interest of your church. The rules are spelt out clear when you come for our interview. We have core members that have been with us for the past twenty years and they are still powerfully committed to the calling of the ministry. All members contribute their financial quotas. They see the ministry as their lives. They put in everything. Members at different works of life (doctors, bankers and lots more).

How do you balance the ministry and family, ministry and career, ministry and your walk with God?
Ministry and walk with God cannot be separated. Your ministry is an integral part of your working for God. There are a lot of people who work for God but they don’t walk with God. The most important is your walk with God. As you are walking with God, God begin to walk with you.
The home and the ministry must be balanced. The family is the number one. When there is no home for a minister, a minister is in crisis. The home is above the ministry. We do tell our women to keep their homes well, satisfy, submit and listen to their husbands.
Balancing the two (ministry and home) is very paramount.
I won’t pursue a career that would disturb the ministry. It is not where you are (place) that matters but your placement by God. You may in UK (United Kingdom) and things may not be okay. You may be in Washington and be washing things (dead bodies, people’s clothes and the street). You may be in Florida and not flourish. You may be in Lagos and be languishing in the lagoon of poverty. God has placed me here, I have understood that and am flowing under God’s placement.

What should be expected from you soon?
We have just started. The fire is burning in us like it has never burn before. To God’s glory begin to expect God’s move in different dimensions. Explosion of God’s greatness and faithfulness. Very soon we will be releasing two films titled “Pastors but rascals” and “Jesus has slept”. We normally produce both the English and Yoruba language version in all our films. Drama ministers’ technical school should also be expected.

What should upcoming drama ministers expect from drama ministry?
Young drama ministers pursuing knowledge, eager to get, correcting some of the mistakes made by their predecessors should pursue God, holiness, study the bible to the point of saturation even as they pursue knowledge.

What are the mistakes you have made in the past you would have loved to correct?
Every human being have mistakes. One major mistake that I would like to adjust is extreme sense of separation. In other words, I don’t mingle, associate with people may be because of my background (I hailed from Deeper Life Bible Church). Probably because I have seen unpalatable things going on amidst our friends. I would have loved to mellow (socialize) a little bit form my extreme sense of separation.

Who is your role model/mentor in the ministry?
My role model is Jesus Christ.
I admire Brother Mike Sola Agboola of EVOM World Network and I have a little closeness with Brother Mike Bamiloye.

Is there anything you wish to correct about drama ministry as a whole?
We have gone worldly. The ways we present our so called brothers and sisters is worldly even the secular people don’t do that. It is in drama ministry that we present a so called sister carrying bible to be wearing trousers, half naked, painting everywhere, wearing miniskirts, skimpy dresses and all manners of jewelries because we are getting exposed. People no longer respect drama ministers because we have watered all the messages. People no longer know the difference between christian and secular films. Drama ministers must go back to the original. It is the things we preach against in our films those days are the very things we imbibe in our films these days because we are exposed. We should be careful. We cannot differentiate between a sister drama minister and a harlot. The only thing is the Jesus save me tag that they put on the chest of the sister. Things should not be done in our christian films with civilization. We should go back to the ancient path. Leaders up there should show good examples to the followers. I pray God will take us back to Bethel. God will help us to see the assignment not as a money making venture. It is a pursuit after God, a service, work for God while we are walking with God. May we all end up well in Jesus Name Amen.