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Can we meet you sir?
I am Owah James Tunde by name

Can you tell us about your salvation experience?
My salvation experience came through drama ministration (stage drama) I watched. When I finished watching the stage drama, I yielded to an altar call made after the ministration in the year 2000.

Did the stage drama lead you into drama ministry?
Then I had passion for stage drama. When I gave my life to Christ, I merged my passion for drama with the testimonies of people about my life relating to drama ministry

What certain thing brings you joy when people see your drama?
What brings me joy is when people are been blessed spiritually.

What are the challenges you have experienced in drama ministry?
When there are no proper planning, frustration sets in because if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

How do you balance home with drama ministry?
The home alongside the ministry must be balanced. To go for a particular locations, it must be with the approval of my home (family). The home must be settled (in good shape) before going on location. The ministry starts from the home.

How do you nurture your spiritual life, that is your relationship with God?
As a production manager, I wake up early before the work for the day starts to commune with my God and in my family an effective morning devotion is always put in place before setting out for the day.

Outside drama, what other things give you joy and fulfilment?
What gives me joy is the vision keeping us moving in drama ministry and that is more than any accomplishment.

What is drama to you?
Drama is part of me. I see it as part of me because people are being blessed with our ministrations.